Brrrrr...It's Cold Outside

January 2022 has delivered some really cold weather for most of the US. We decided to launch our Crocheted Ear Warmer Headbands just in time.

Many states have seen freezing temperatures and snow. The forecast for the next few days looks like even more snow is on the way! Luckily, I'm in sunny Florida were we are still seeing the highs in the mid 70's. That doesn't mean its not cold here. Some of us Floridians still need jackets at night. Plus our coastal winds can make it seem a lot chillier than it is.

We love seeing all the wonderful pictures of the snow and our friends, family and customers enjoying all of its beauty. I decided to add a sunset photo taken from out neighborhood pier. Feel free to post your winter photos as well!

And don't forget... Check out our Crocheted Ear Warmer Headbands & Winter Beanies. We will be adding new ones each week. Enjoy free shipping with any purchase of $75 or more!

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