How to Adjust Your Face Cover Elastic

Original Elastic Before Adjusting

Due to the shortage of elastic in the United States, we are using various forms of elastic available to us for the the ear pieces. We are trying to match colors best as we can. Please understand that elastic is basically SOLD OUT!

We have been trying to give everyone enough elastic so it is adjustable for a comfy fit. We simply cannot make each mask fit perfectly on everyone. However, if you follow these simple steps, you can make it work.

Adjusting The Elastic

1. Untie the existing knot.

2. Tie a new knot so it is comfortable.

3. Test it out. If it fits, make sure the knot is now super tight.

4. Cut off any excess if you choose.

5. Tuck the knot into the hole where the elastic is hidden on the side of the face cover.

Tucked Knot

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